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Crewcy- Recruitment & Staffing Solutions

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Business Process, Public Relations, Technical, Sales, User Experience, Strategy, Growth, Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, IT, Software, Direct Marketing

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$5000 – $15000

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Crewcy is is your recruitment outsourcing partner.

Our team works hand in hand with yours,

with up to the hourly log on work progress, including call logs, and periodic reporting.

Our team works hand in hand with you, with up to the hourly log on work progress, including call logs.

Our recruiters are qualified, work from 3pm to 8pm EST.

Project management team work during regular working hours 8am to 4pm EST.

We deliver services requested by you using a catalog services model:

1. Recruitment need analysis

2. Job description development

3. Posting Jobs on recruitment portals

4. Collating responses and analysis of resume, creation of database

5. Shortlisting based on inputs from client

6. Coordinating with clients for shortlisting of candidates

7. Scheduling interviews and follow up

8. Scheduling tests and follow up

9. Scheduling face to face interviews and follow up

10. Conducting Technical interviews

11. Conducting tests – with video

12. Conducting tests – with audio only

13. Coordinating for interviews

14. Conducting background check

15. Releasing offer letter

16. Releasing joining letter

17. End to end recruitment with no interviews and tests

18. End to end recruitment with no recruitment need analysis, background check, issue of letters, interviews, and tests

19. End to end recruitment (all inclusive)

Have these skills

HR, HR Analytics, HR Budgeting, HR Coaching, HR Consulting, HR Department Start-up, HR Domain, HR Management, HR Outsourcing (HRO), Staffing Specialist, Recruitment operations

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