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Business Process, Public Relations, Technical, Sales, User Experience, Strategy, Growth, Business Development, Marketing, Product Management, Market Research Analyst, Data Analytics, Survey Management, IT, Software, Direct Marketing

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Teamvey is a platform that has several service providers including

1. survey hosting tools,

A variety of survey tools are supported.

The flagship tool of the platform is flexurvey, which makes any need for downloading of data unnecessary.

It does this by handling all kind of changes internally

This applies to changes of questionnaire versions

a. across time – survey iterations,

b. across teams,

c. across roles, and

d. organizations,

Changing composition of teams also have an impact on analysis.

Flexurvey handles all of these very smooth. This saves 90% of the effort in complete survey management process,

1.besides saving calendar time for analysis.

2. domain consultants who create and customize survey questionniares based on need analysis of their clients,

3. survey administrators who physically host, conduct and follow up for maximum participation,

4. Advanced Statistical Analysis,

5. Reporting tool experts, and

6. Report designers.

7. End to end services.

They sell packaged standard services using a catalog that can be purchased right off the portal.Custom services are also provided.

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Survey, Survey Administration, Survey Creation, Survey Design, Survey Management, Survey Software, Project Management, Agile Project Management, Domain Analysis

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IT Software

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